Mar 16, 2010

Baby Toys, Gifts & Presents

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The Stacking Toy & Ball Game is an exciting 2-in-1 electronic stacker with ball game. As a stacking toy, the rings can be threaded on to the base. As a fun game, your child can drop a ball into the funnel-shaped elephant head at the top of the stack to hear entertaining sounds and see flashing lights, which makes it a fantastic baby toy. Batteries are included.

Why we love it

The Stacking Toy & Ball Game is wonderful because of its creativity, and stimulating textures. But it is more than just a great stacker for dexterity! It is also an exciting game with balls, lights and sounds-prefect for cause and effect. The silly personality of this friendly elephant will definitely make your child giggle! This toy is a fantastic baby gift

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Anonymous said...

This is so cute :)