Mar 16, 2010

Kav-Or Distance Learning

"Kav-Or" Distance Learning and virtual playground for Children in Hospital, a registered public association (NGO), first began operating in 1993 at the "Kaplan" Hospital in the city of Rehovot and at the "Sha'arei Zedek" Hospital in Jerusalem. "Kav-Or" initially operated from within the framework of educational initiatives taken by the David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem. In 1997 the initiative became an independent registered association, with a Board of Directors of its own, and its goals were redefined. The Association center is, to this day, located at the College, which continues to provide it with great assistance.

Kav-Or operates in more than 100 schools children's wards in 27 hospitals, from Eilat in the South to Nahariya in the North. Kav-Or also treats children victims of terrorism who require medical and psychiatric treatment because of the trauma they have undergone. Kav-Or provides its services to hospitalized children from all sectors of Israel's society - veterans and immigrants, religious and secular, Jews and non-Jews – many of whom are from underprivileged backgrounds. To support its work, the Association works with many volunteers as well as with a Friends association.

Kav-Or works in collaboration with Ministry of Education schools located in hospitals as well as with additional organizations working to help the children. The program has earned the recognition of the Ministry of Education and Culture and is highly regarded.

Hospitalization involves fears and pains and children's being cut off from their familiar surroundings. In order to alleviate these difficulties, the Kav-Or organization provides hospital classrooms as well as stand-alone and portable computers and peripheral equipment, designs friendly learning environments and runs a special website for children that is also translated into Arabic and allows access to activities in additional languages. Kav-Or computers have rich and user-friendly menus to access programs, learning software and games, in various fields of  interest and adapted to various age levels. Menu content is updated to keep up with innovations in the field. The Kav-Or website is composed of two sections, one for the general public and the other, requiring a password, offers hospitalized children a variety of activities.

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