Mar 20, 2010

Mat Activities Tropical Island

The baby will want soon to sit and play, some shops offer a wide variety of toys and useful accessories for your baby.

I find this really cool carpet: Rug 360 degrees so that will captivate baby's attention and stimulate their development.

- It has 17 activities.
- Specially designed to cushion the baby's belly, developed to assist in the abdominal cramps.
- The edge of the carpet has fittings pressure to place additional toys.
- Activities mat: butterfly hide and seek with wrinkled wing for baby to touch and knead three fun toys to adapt the edge of the carpet.
- Dolphin emits sound by pressing the horn, coconut leaf wrinkled for the baby to touch and knead.
- 10 pressure fittings on the edge of the carpet to adapt additional toys.
- Flower compatibility with mirror, the music is activated by a touch of the baby.
- Activities suspended: pineapple with little face and legs to pull, monkey with arms and legs to pull, two of palm leaves ruffled the baby to touch and knead, you can move the bow.
- Arcos secure and flexible, with the largest number of rings for adding toys.
- Bows can be used in various ways (eg lateral / cross).
- Carpet padding and washable, with the outer edge with greater protection.
- Carpet closes easily inside, includes a bag which helps in cleaning or transport.
- Assists in development: the senses, motor skills, object permanence, language and communication, cognitive and emotional coefficient of the baby.

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