Mar 18, 2010

Toy & Diversion Ideal for Newborn

NooBoo Pound A Sound
Of course the more rewarding for the fun of baby is always touch him it with your hands, baby hear the voices of Mom and Dad approaching the your face with love and hugs the baby to breast feed.

Babies need toys to learn concepts of size, shape, sound, texture and how things work. Studies show that from birth infants are sensitive to their environment and show that at birth his sensory perceptions respond to the stimuli of smell, taste, sound, touch and vision.

In the first months of life, the visual perception of the baby is only good up close, therefore, colored objects will not even get his attention. In the second month the baby gestures and smiles as he approached a human face and watch in familiar voices.

It is only after the third month he begins to suck his thumb or fingers, play with language, play sounds. At this stage, rattles, musical toys and teethers are most appropriate.

NooBoo Pound A Sound - Creative Child Preferred Choice Award (USA)*
Perfect for the little ones to explore and discover, the Pound a Sound comes with a plush hammer that triggers sounds like drums in the forest, and also a BOING pop-up surprises!
It is made from soft material and washable.

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