Sep 2, 2010

Toys - Playing is important and necessary


The toy is a tool that contributes to the discovery of the universe that surrounds every child, helping to develop their creativity and ability perception. Therefore, the choice of a toy requires some care and must take into consideration the taste, interest and limiting the ability of the child.

Choose the most appropriate
According to age, children experience a different world and dreams. Thus, the ideal is to choose a toy that is best suited to their development. Prefer the more education, to stimulate motor skills, intelligence, affection and socialization. Toys should be lightweight, durable and without corners or edges, antihistamines, have sounds nice, do not let the ink out and can not be very small with loose parts.

0 to 9 months - is the phase where the children gradually discover the color, sound and shape of things. Choose toys that it can lead to mouth, with sound, color and texture.
From 9 to 12 months - children who crawl and take everything they see. Enjoy this stage to know that different materials, offering objects of fabric, rubber, plastics, wood etc..
1 year - The manual skills and body should be developed. You can give children toys to fit, open-close, to push or to stimulate the motor coordination of hands: catch, hit, play, etc..
2 years - Acquire the manual skills already developed and curiosity itself this stage to offer toys that allow multiple combinations (games with parts to assemble).
From 3 to 5 years - is the time of "pretend". Opt for toys that encourage imagination and creativity of children, such as dolls, puppets, books of history, allowing all the drama of what they see on a daily basis.
5 to 7 years - The group are gaining importance. Toys that incorporate children outdoors and to encourage competition are defined in the same period.
From 7 to 9 years - The games of the mind and memory are adapted for children who master their motor skills and invent rules. They are the display of games, puzzles, games of simple rules.
From 9 to 12 years - In this stage the children already have "wants": they want activities with more complex rules. Discover and learn about the preference or tendency of the child, before buying, for example, a violãozinho when she'd love a video game.


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