Nov 8, 2010

Breast milk - Best food for Baby

When was the last time you had a well-balanced meal that was easy on the stomach, exactly the right temperature not to mention packed with the equivalent of the best antibiotic to thwart any potential cold or flu coming on? On top of it, the meal was essentially free?
Breast milk does that for babies with every feeding. What are some interesting facts you may not know about the ingredients in breast milk - nature's nutritionally-perfect food?

Breast milk - Best food for Baby: Breast milk is the most nutritionally-perfect food for babies.


ionelmuscalu said...

asa a crescut mare si sanatos si fiul meu!

smArtee said...

This is very true...good information..!I like your birds

Nice Veloso said...

Sublime esta foto! Seu blog é maravilhoso! Muito informativo.Muito,muito, muito bom. Bixusss.