Apr 4, 2010

Tips For Decorating Baby's Room

The colorful motifs may be exchanged if boy or girl.
The place that the baby will sleep is one of the first questions to verify in the pregnancy. Set the room, began a period of dreams, with choice of colors, themes and decorations, which are materialized in the room decor.

The spread of the decoration is the theme chosen by the parents. The range on the market is huge: For girls, with themes such as garden flowers, butterflies, bees, angels are widely accepted. As for boys, subjects such as fish, dogs, zoo and lamb are options for those who want to do differently. Bears are always classic and combine both for girls as for boys.
Some practical aspects and safety must always be considered. The baby's room should receive sunlight and be aired and cleaned every day without using products with strong odors. The floor must be smooth and easy to clean. If possible, avoid carpets, rugs and curtains that gather dust.

The crib should have space between the bars of 6 cm. When the bars are spaced, the baby can put your head between them and an accident occurs. Always keep your grades high and locked. The height of the platform should be adjustable. The baby soon learns to leave the cradle, so remember to lower the height of the dais as the baby grows.

Note if scratching the cradle the ink can be removed. Babies love to bite the grid from the cradle and many paints contain toxic and pose a risk of poisoning.

It is inappropriate to place it near windows, due to air currents that can reach it. It is also good for parents to worry about lighting, both during the day and at night - a good tip is to exchange a lamp at night.

Do not place the crib leaning against the window or changing table. When the baby grows, it seeks to explore the environment using mobile and other as "ladders".

Use protective cushion of cloth rather than plastic. If there is plastic coating the mat, remove it to avoid suffocation. Avoid keeping in the cradle stuffed animals and other toys to prevent accidents. Do not use quilts, sleeping bags, leather, heavy blankets and pillows adult soft because there is a risk of suffocating the baby.

In relation to the exchanger, it must have adequate height. Do not leave your baby alone on the changing table because there is risk of falling. If you use thermos with warm water for diaper changes, do not leave it on the exchanger. If the thermos falls, the contents spilled can burn or scare the baby if the water is too hot.

Assess the need for safety nets and grids in the window of the room and the house.

The colors used on walls and furniture must be in harmony. Pastels and bright colors are indicated, because calm the baby. But parents should not forget to also put some objects in bright colors to attract attention. Shades of lilac, cream, green and salmon are options for those wanting to escape the traditional white, blue and pink. Today, colors are used very citrus like orange and pistachio green.


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