May 23, 2010

Eating For Two.

The importance of nutrients during pregnancy and after. 

Good nutrition is good for the body of the mother and especially for the baby. When the mother does not feed properly, several problems may arise for the fetus malformation and low birth weight. The patient is also subject to experience difficulties, such as anemia and gestational diabetes.

Learn what is the importance of each nutrient and where to find them:

Carbohydrate: helps in the metabolism of the fetus as it is a great source of energy for the brain. It is found in potatoes, in pasta, bread and rice.
Proteins: assist in the growth and formation of the baby and the development of tissues such as placenta. This nutrient is found in meat and legumes (beans, peas and chick peas).
The Fat is good for the body when ingested in small quantities. It is essential for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K), that participate in hormone metabolism.
Iron: in addition to preventing maternal anemia, it is necessary for the formation of blood cells of the fetus and to carry oxygen from the lungs to the entire body of the mother. Found in meats and legumes.
Folic acid: You should begin to be part of the diet even before a woman becomes pregnant. It is responsible for the formation of the nervous system of the fetus. The main sources of this nutrient in vegetables are dark green, legumes, citrus fruits and whole grains.
Fiber are important especially for the mother. Serve to facilitate digestion, for the period of pregnancy is normal to be pregnant with constipation. Found in fruits and cereals.
Calcium: Important for bone formation. The ideal is four servings per day.This nutrient is found mainly in dairy products.
Liquids: although not a nutrient, it is very important to moisturize. Liquids are more desirable: water, tea and juice.

Leave aside or avoid
The patient must exclude from your daily menu foods known to those empty calories, or not add, as is the case of alcohol. The pregnant woman should be careful about the exaggeration of some foods, like fried food and sweets. It should not permanently remove them from the menu, just decrease the amount and eat them at most twice a week.

Furthermore, the types of seasoning should be analyzed. The excess salt and is usually detrimental to the pregnant woman, this occurs especially in late pregnancy when the heart rate and pressure tend to increase. Prefer to use natural spices and herbs such as garlic, onion and parsley, to season the dishes and salads. Try to avoid frozen foods also, industrialized and jam.

After the baby born, women should continue eating healthily and with the same care, because she and the baby still need extra nutrients. During breastfeeding, should be avoided exaggeration of chocolate, coffee, tea, or black tea, they can cause cramps and shaking the baby.


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