May 26, 2010

You'll be Daddy? - Be prepared!

Not only the mother who must prepare for motherhood, the man today has a key role at the moment and have to be prepared too.

Some advice

Keep the car clean internally and mechanically overhauled. Check the oil, water from the radiator and fuel supply guarantees against unexpected in times of emergencies. The man should leave the car ready to take the pregnant woman to the maternity hospital without contingency. If no have a car or not drive, combine with an driver experienced confidence and to be prepared with the minimum described above (the car clean is crucial).

The Dad should take to motherhood when the baby's birth:

- Pyjamas (cotton)
- Two pairs of socks (or more)
- Slippers
- Clothings (2 shirts 2 pants, 2 underwear, 2 shirts, etc.)
- Objects and personal care products (avoid items with strong scents or solutions that may contain irritating to the skin of baby and Mom)
- Documents, credit card, a little money
- Be sure to bring mobile phone, camcorder, camera photo (if you forget, the mom will not forgive you!), Laptop /Notebook, if any, batteries too.
- Pen / Pencil and paper (not all the apparatus technological can replace good old set of notes and tickets fast).

Prepare Psychologically:
When a woman gives the news of pregnancy, the man should already begin to prepare psychologically for many issues involving the future birth, since the responsibility of being father need the reorganization of the new spending that will come with the new baby.

Therefore, man must get to work and save more (as expenses grow in proportion to the mommy's belly), a good financial planning and avoid future hassles banking family, after all as the saying goes: The love are like butter. Without the "bread" is not fun.

Man can not be more nervous that the baby's mother during pregnancy. At delivery man must be lucid because it will have to accompany her and will have to meet important obligations, including should calm it until reaching the hospital.

Breathe slowly and listen to soft music is relaxing.

Keeping with the mother-talk with words of kindness will help create a climate of peace and quiet (even though you're on fire, be polite and never talk too much).

If it makes use of tobacco or alcohol treatment must begin immediately for detoxification.

Do not run never, not by car or on foot, avoid accidents.

No schedule can take you away from home in the scheduled period for the birth, remember!

You can not forgetting to take her mother and  father at this important moment in the life of the baby's mother. Go search them and make them feel at ease with his presence (will be a great time to win over in-laws).

- I'm not forgetting anything? Maybe ...

Written by Roder Rock


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