Jun 19, 2010

The Father: Importance of involvement in pregnancy.

When the father is involved with the pregnancy, the risk of infant mortality during the first year of life the child is significantly reduced. The conclusion is a study by the University of South Florida.

The researchers noted that babies with absent parents were four times more likely to die before completing one year than the infants with more involved fathers. Children who had less attention were also more likely to be born prematurely, with low weight and height.

The study, published in the Journal of Community Health, confirms the influence of his father on the child even before she was born. "Our research suggests that the lack of paternal involvement during pregnancy is an important factor and potentially modify the risk of infant mortality, the author emphasizes, Amina Alio.
Methods - We examined all newborns - more than 1.3 million children - in Florida, from 1998 to 2005, for the survey. The paternal participation was defined by the presence of his name on the birth certificate, since the researchers observed that the record indicates an interest, even if minimal, with the child even in pregnancy.

They also noted that the presence of his father beside his mother also avoids complications during pregnancy such as hypertension and anemia, because it decreases the stress of women. "When parents are involved, children thrive in school and develop better," he said.


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The father does play an important role.

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yes father has lot of responsibility

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