Jun 4, 2010

Time for baby adapt in this world

After nine months in the womb, warm and cozy, the newborn must adapt to a different reality. Get out of the 36 degrees (rain or shine) for several seasons in one day. Out of the water for air. Out of tranquility to strange the in outside. Turning to back and forth, to change diapers, undress, the bath, the breast to suckle, clean the mouth. The baby opens his mouth and suddenly cries and protests. And you wonder: "Is it cold? Hunger? Is it Sleep?".

Discarded all such alternatives, if you continue to face interrogation while trying to soothe your little one, it's good to know that the newborn takes a while to get used to all drive out of the mother belly.

"Replacing him as soon as possible or put it face down initially in water, bath time, so he touches with his feet the bottom of the tub and feel more supported, can help. But this is a cry strangeness that passes with time, "explains Sandra de Oliveira Campos, a pediatrician at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP).

- In general, until the end of the month, he will learn to enjoy bath time. Then it will be difficult to get him out of the water.


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