Jul 9, 2010

Bath of the Sun - Every child needs

She say:  Hello my friend "Sun - Shemesh"
Question: Hannah "tinoket" (baby girl) born and lives in the beach town with hot weather. As the baby Hannah did not suffer under the sun?

Much is made of the importance of sun for growth and development of babies, but moms know why this habit seldom remembered by many families?
Simple: The baby receives the mother's breast milk vitamin D, which lies dormant in the body of the small. To synthesize this vitamin and to provide the absorption of calcium, the baby needs sun bath. Are the rays that making vitamin D in active idle, getting better absorb calcium, essential for the development and growth of bones.

Therefore, sunbathing should be daily, or at least three times a week, and start the 30-day-old baby, but not at any time, no! The sun has to be one of the morning, up to 10 hours, or the late afternoon, after 16 hours. The sun between ten o'clock and four o'clock are very strong and harmful to the baby.

Importantly: Not should pass sunscreen on babies up to six months of age, because these little skin is still very thin and sensitive and can cause irritation and allergy.
In the early days, the sun bath should last five to ten minutes, gradually increasing to a maximum of one hour. The sun is to the health of your child and not for bronzed.
Costumes for sunbathing - Another important factor is the clothes that the baby must use to make sun bathing. Most of the baby's body must be exposed to the sun directly without any obstacle, even though a very thin clothes. Do not forget your hat to protect your baby's face.
The sunbathing done at home is also true. Let the little near the window where the sun between. Just can not close the glass. The sun's rays to synthesize vitamin D do not pass through glass.
Lack of vitamin D in the diet or inadequate exposure to sunlight can cause rickets in children, disease of the bone tissue that occurs during the growth phase, characterized by inadequate mineralization of bone due to lack of vitamin D active. The initial symptoms may be irritability, sleeplessness and sweating abundant in the neck during breastfeeding. But the perspiration in the neck may be normal in our country since the heat is intense.
In Brazil, a tropical country, it is difficult to find children with the disease rickets, even in families with low socioeconomic status, as the sun comes up almost the entire year.
Exposure to the sun with care and protection is essential for development and healthy growth of your baby.

- If you take the baby to take the late afternoon sun, a light jacket if cool later. Baby is not adult. So nothing wanting him get a bronzed.
- At the time of exposure to the sun always have a clock to control the schedule and time, hydration is key.
- Breast milk is the best source of vitamin for baby up to six months. 
- Sunscreens should not be used in this initial six months of life!


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