Jul 16, 2010

The end the World Coup - Oh! Relief to my ears!

The baby, if could talk would say this, or..."stop vu-vu-ze-la"

Hannah baby was born in Brazil and its first month of life went on during the FIFA World Cup. Can anyone imagine the noise of fireworks and the famous "vuvuzelas" (big cornets) on days of football games here in Brazil?

The city here has several colonies of foreigners and their descendants, mainly Portugueses, Spaniards, Germans, Japanese and Argentines, so beyond the party on game days the team of Brazil, was also party to all other teams in the world!

A horrible thing use make of these bad "vuvuzelas" accompanied by the infernal noise of explosions of firecrackers and fireworks mortars.

The baby cried and was very scared. Even with all the windows closed the noise from neighboring buildings was hellish.
We tried to go to a hotel on a beach not so far in the our city, but there, was not a happy thought - the whole world seemed to be contaminated by "vuvuzelas" in the mouths of idiots blowing monstrous sound. An bad idea of people who does not caring about their ears.

The article below, by Bruno Rodrigues, alert to major problems resulting from too much noise for babies:

Vuvuzela, noise and risk of hearing children 

The vuvuzela made famous in the race of the World Cup in Africa. The cornets are taken to the stadium or anywhere where you see games, making a noise naughty.

Lively for some, the vuvuzela can bring risks to children. A big cornet used in World Cup matches, for example, can emit a sound to 125 decibels. And guess what, moms, as the human ear can withstand without much trouble? - According to the Brazilian Association of Otolaryngology, sounds supported by the human ear are those up to 85 decibels.

Look at the size of the risk. The sound of vuvuzela is louder than a chainsaw or lawn mower, that reach 110 decibels, or an ambulance siren, which can reach 120.

Of course it is not necessary to have a panic. Sometimes not have problem.

A very loud and sudden noise can cause acoustic trauma, ie, lesions in the external and internal ear.

On the outside ears, can occur tympanic membrane perforation. And if the injury get inside, the riparian cells may be damaged, both external and internal may be injured. It is these cells that boost the sound in the ear, converted into nerve impulses causing the listening sounds.

The result damage may be temporary or permanent. The greater the exposure to noise, the greater the damage to hearing. Symptoms of an acoustic trauma for children are tinnitus (noise in the ear even in quiet environment), dizziness and irritation. Small that they can not speak can become restless and uncomfortable for no apparent reason.

The problem during the celebrations are not only plastic cornet, fireworks, loud music, and other types of high sound are also dangerous.

A loss of hearing in young children can lead to impaired speech, not language acquisition and combination words.

Tip: Avoid crowded places and noisy with children. If this is not possible, protect the little ones with ear plugs for the high sound  any kind.

Reminder: These advice are for adults too.


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