Jul 23, 2010

Pacifier; use or not use?

That is the question!
The nutritive sucking is a function vital for the survival of the newborn as it is by sucking the baby gets its food.

Since nature is wise, and "Daddy of Heaven" also, the sucking reflex is already present around the 18 th / 20 th weeks of intrauterine life.

Doubt (using or not using pacifiers) begins to exist when "we", and especially mothers, we realized that besides the nutritional function, suction is also a source of pleasure. As usually every source of pleasure and relaxation generates stability, mothers using non-nutritive sucking (pacifier use) in an attempt to leave the baby quiet.
However, what we observe is that, in most cases, anxiety, nervousness and uneasiness is the mother who is having difficulty coping with the crying baby, so it is used up everything in its power (generally the chupetinha) for your child stop crying.

For the mommy who fit this profile, please do not feel guilty, because the non-nutritive sucking has its clinical indications. Preterm infants (less than 37 weeks), hypotonic and / or have difficulty in sucking the breast, can benefit from using a pacifier, since this is an orthodontic and used with the monitoring of a qualified professional for training of motor skills oral.

For babies born at term (37-40 weeks), not having difficulty in breastfeeding, my suggestion is to avoid using a pacifier, especially during the first days of life because the baby may cause nipple confusion (womb x pacifier) to suck and have difficulty breastfeeding.

Furthermore, the use of non-orthodontic pacifier, can provide changes in the dental arch and consequently difficulties in speech. Importantly, finger sucking (finger) did not nutritious, it is more damaging to teeth and says that the pacifier, so should be avoided.

For moms who have "fallen" into the temptation of pacifier use and / or for those who are prone to "fall", I suggest you offer only orthodontic pacifier for their alleged that Allied did not turn into a villain.

Remember: Consult with the Pediatrician on the best anatomical pacifier for the baby.
By Tania A. Lopes Cardoso - Phonoaudiologist.


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