Jul 31, 2010

Using the fabric baby carrier.

Honestly these bags to carry babies K'tan* are excellent. It really do not require other care for the baby when we're walking. I give more attention and hands always stay free, up to quickly to protect and helping the baby from danger.

I think K'tan's better than using the Pushchairs for babies. On shopping in streets on small-shops (as I like to do in my town) is much more practical.

Only advise you to buy the stronger colors and differents kinds K'tan. Light colors show a little dirt. But the washing is ease and the fabric is very good, besides being beautiful, sure!

I'm fan by "Baby K'tan" and I think Hannah "tinoket" too.

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier Hug Position Instruction


Jill said...

I loved carrying my son but he was born 9lbs, so big! So these fabric carriers made me nervous! I like the Ergo...

Isha Shiri said...

Hello Jill. Thanks.

The ergo carrier is very good too. Of course we should choose what best fits our body.