Oct 30, 2010

Activities for babies -

Babies need stimulation and our response from the moment of his birth.

This can be done playing, sharing activities, talking, laughing and singing together. If a baby makes a sound or a gesture, the older can repeat them to him. That's how babies learn to communicate. The tender and affection relationships are vital to the physical, social and emotional child. The holding, hugging, smiling and talking to the baby helps you grow and feel safe. Here are some suggestions of games that the controller or the older children could use with babies up to two years old.

1 - Tie or hang objects such as spoons plastic, for example, near where the baby is lying, so he can reach them and hold them.
2 - Tell your baby's name or clap for the baby look to see where the sound is 3 coming from.
3 - Singing and pack it to the rhythm of a song. Take a walk with the baby and give name the objects. Even if a baby does not respond to this type of stimulus at the beginning, it is important to continue talking and singing to him.
4 - Once the baby begins to understand and use language, he likes to play using the words "Where's my nose?" Or "Find the cup."
5 - Give the baby smooth objects and ask them to bring them back and pass from one hand to another. Use objects large enough to prevent the baby put in the mouth and choking.
6 - Play with your toes and the baby's hand.
7 - Encourage the baby to clap and shake to say goodbye.
8 - Make it a soft ball to play.
9 - Give it two objects and you hold two more. Hit with objects at each other and see if the baby can copy it.
10 - Give him a box of different sizes and objects to put into it and get them out.
11 - Hide an object under a plastic cup or a piece of cloth in front of the baby and see if he can find it.
12 - Gifting for baby an rag doll (sew well the hole to close the filler cloths). Tell stories about the doll for the baby.
13 - Draw in with washable paint with a stick or your finger and see if the baby can copy it.
14 - Show the child an animal or a picture of an animal, make the sound the animal makes and encourage baby to repeat the sounds.
15 - Encourage the baby to feed herself alone.

- As the baby grows, make jokes to encourage him to crawl, stand up and walk.
- Make or buy a toy on wheels that can be pulled or pushed as they begin to walk. The toys with wheels that make pleasant sounds are nice idea.
- If the baby can not get around without help because of a disability, you can tie a strip of cloth around his waist, and can use it to lift it and put it on all fours, so it can crawl.
- Encourage him to crawl, holding a toy or fruit before him. remember to show you are happy with him, with his attempt to do new things.

Praise him with words, smiles, cuddling or hugging him. Never forget that!


Kimberly said...

I liked to surround my babies with different textures to crawl on or touch. That plastic thing that the baby is under in the photo can have lovely silk scarves draped on it, babies pull them off...(just make sure they are very shear..)

Mimi :) said...

I like that u have the parents take a look at their own reactions. Sometimes, we focus on the babies reactions and don't really say anything to him/her. We forget that this baby is watching and studying us right back! lol!