Oct 6, 2010

Maternal affection in excess, good or bad?

The overwhelming motherly affection given to babies a few months makes them better prepared to face life's problems in adulthood, according to a study published  in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, "an American magazine.

In research conducted over several years with 482 people in the U.S. state of Rhode Island, researchers compared data on the ratio of babies of 8 months with her mother and her emotional performance, as measured by tests at 34 years of age.

They wanted to check the notion that the strong emotional ties from infancy provide a solid foundation to succeed in the response of life's problems.

Until then, studies on the subject were based on reports of childhood memories, without a monitor.

The quality of the interaction of the babies with their mothers at 8 months was evaluated by a psychologist, who noted the reactions of the mother's affection and attention. Classification - dating back to 60 years - was a "negative" to "excessive", through "warm".

In about one case in ten, the doctor noted a low level of maternal affection for the baby. In 85% of cases, the level of affection was normal, and high in 6% of cases.

These people were tested together, then aged 34, on a list of telltale symptoms of anxiety and hostility and unease about the world.

Whatever the milieu, it was found that those who were the object of affection over the eight months had levels of anxiety, hostility and unease lower. The difference reached 7 points on the item anxiety compared to others of more than 3 points to hostility and five points for the malaise.

Interestingly, there was no difference between those who received a low level of affection and normal. This could be explained mainly according to the researchers, the lack of truly negative interactions observed in the show.

According to them, this confirms that the experiences, even the earliest ones, can influence adult life. Memories biological constructed early can "produce latent vulnerabilities," the study says.


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