Nov 29, 2010

Fun Outdoor Street Games for Kids

The child got nothing to do indoors? Means are only any time can play on a Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo? Well, below are some outdoor games that you might have heard of. Do you remember?

Street Games for children are a fun practice, traditional and encourages healthy activity for kids.

- British Bulldog
Okay this is a golden oldie it’s a fairly simple game. One person stands in the middle of the play area. The rest of the group stand at one end. The group has to get from one wall of the playground to the other wall, the person who is 'IT' shouts someone’s name from the group shouts 'BULLDOG' then everyone has to run to the other end of the play area. The person who is 'IT' must touch as many people as possible. Any person that is touched by the person who is 'IT' has to remain in the middle. Then you start all over again but you keep getting more people in the middle and it gets harder and harder to reach the other wall, don’t believe me? Try it and see!

- Hop Scotch
This is a classic game, first you need to draw squares on the ground using chalk, and depending on the size of the pavement slabs outsize you might be able to use them! The first player throws their marker (stone) onto the first square.

**The marker must land within the square and not touch any of the lines around it, if the marker is touching a line or bounces out of the square then that player loses their turn!

If successful then the player has to make it all the way to the end. When entering a single square the player must hop on one leg, both feet are used on double squares, one in each square.
When the player reaches the end they must turn and hop back through the course in reverse order, don’t forget to collect your marker on the way back!
If the player manages to make it back successfully then they can then throw into the next square. If while hopping you miss a square, touches a line, or lose your balance then you lose you turn.
The winner is the person who manages to complete all squares from beginning to end.

- Run Outs
One person ~ guard, stands next to something steady, this could be a lamp post or tree and it’s called 'home base'. The rest of the group run away while the guard closes their eyes and counts to a high number. The guard has to spot people and touch them before anyone can touch the home base. Any person that is touched by the guard is out and has to sit and watch they cannot help the other players.

- Hide and Seek
This game can be played inside or outside, I’m sure you’ve played it before but if you haven’t... One person is chosen as "IT" The others all go and hide somewhere while the person who is "IT" counts to a high number, when they’ve reached this number, "IT" shouts; "Coming ready or not!" and starts to look for the others. The first person to be found is "IT".

This last game is a favourite amongst most people who love being cheeky.

- Knock Down Ginger
This is very cheeky game, the aim is to ring a doorbell or knock a knocker loudly on a door, and then run away as fast as possible. To make this game even more exciting you can play the game but with different style such as after knocking you hide as close to the door as possible, behind a tree or just around the corner. The test comes when you try a second time on the same door, giving the owner a few moments to settle down in front of their TV, the quicker you do this the more exciting it can be. Maybe you shouldn’t try this one!!!


thekingpin68 said...

'The child got nothing to do indoors? Means are only any time can play on a Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo? Well, below are some outdoor games that you might have heard of. Do you remember?'

Yes, a bad habit in today's Western culture especially is for children to spend too much time inside (I am not against the computer and Wii can be excellent exercise, I played it with my friends little girls for months, before they moved back to the US). It is good to teach children how to throw a football or kick a soccer ball around and nowadays those are girls sports too! Even if more wisely tag football.

Your traditional games are good as well.

Thanks for the friend request. Accepted. Blessings to the family.

Omel said...

yeah, nothing could beat locomotor-designed games. they teache children to be more gregarious while developing a healthy way of living all the same =)

very informative . blessing you and your family always =)

Brandi said...

Hop Scotch is one of the greatest kids games ever, well second to scelly *spell check* although scelly may be a NYC game

Artist Boyd Greene said...

Great ideas! I hated being inside as a child because my mom always found lots of chores for me, so I ran out the door as quickly as I could!!! :)

toys said...

I believe that toys contribute a huge impact to a child's formation. This is why parents should give attention to the toys their kids are playing with.