Nov 19, 2010

Intellectual development and behavior of Babies

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The development of behavior and intellect varies considerably from one child to another. Some babies develop more quickly than others, though within a family may have typical features, such as walking or talking later than usual. Environmental factors, such as a lack of sufficient stimulation, or physical, such as deafness, can delay normal development. Although the development of a child custume be continuous, there may be temporary pauses in a particular function, such as the ability to speak.

Normal development in the first year of the baby:

1 month - It takes hands to eyes and mouth.
Shakes his head from side to side when he is face down.
Following an object moving in an arc, approximately 15 cm from his face, until the middle line (in front).
Responds to a noise anyway, for example; start crying or being quiet.
Can look in the direction of voices and sounds.
Recognizes faces

3 months - Lift up your head 45 degrees (including 90°) when lying face down.
Opens and closes hands.
Pushing your feet, when it is placed on a flat surface.
Swinging in front of toys that move and touch them.
Follow an object moving in an arc over his face from side to side.
Observes faces intently.
Smiling at the sound of mother's voice.
Begin to emit sounds, like speech.

5 months - Holding the head, without rocking when in the raised position.
Turn over, usually while lying face down, to turn up.
Stretches to pick up objects.
Recognizes people at a distance.
Listening closely the human voice.
Smile spontaneously.
Emits sounds of pleasure.

7 months - Sits without support.
Hang in the legs, when held upright.
Passes the objects from hand to hand.
Looks for fallen objects.
Answers to his name.
Responds when you say 'no' or "yes".
Babbles, combining vowels and consonants.
Stir with excitement before starting to playing.
Laugh when jokes to hide and appear suddenly.

9 months - Strives to get a toy that is out of reach.
Opposes you take the toys.
Crawls and creeps on hands and knees.
Try to stay upright.
Remains standing holding on to someone or something.
Saying 'Mom' or 'papa' indiscriminately.

12 months - Sits alone, even if are lying face down.
Walking cling to furniture, can taking a step or two without support.
Remains standing for a few moments without support.
Says 'Papa' and 'mom' to the appropriate person.
Drinking on the cup.
Making "applauds" and "bye bye" with his hand.

Remember: It's very important the stimulus in baby care. More interaction and stimulation, the baby develops easily.


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