Nov 22, 2010

Playing is more than having toys

The play develops the perception of the world.

Participate in the process of creating a toy is highly educational.

The play has to be encouraged in all children, regardless of their socioeconomic status. A child can develop their creativity, when stimulated by other people. This can be done with creativities and diverse materials.

The playing develops the perception of the world for the child. Through music, dance and even the use of creative approaches, objects and materials that we have at our disposal, such as simple things that we have at home.

You can encourage a child to invent their play with fabrics, ropes, rubber bands, scraps, newspapers and an infinite number of materials which are available everywhere.

Creation of toys
The toys created by them are be much more remarkable in theirs personalities. With availability and creativity, parents and educators can encourage them to have their own toys and games that are more playful and sharpen the wits.

When they participate in the creation of a toy or game, all your senses are stimulated, and is strongly recorded in its memory.

When a child is encouraged to participate in the process of creating the play and / or toy, he learns more and feeds your soul with a way to enjoy much more complete than when he picks up a toy manufactured.

Noodles: You can be create playing wtih noodles at home - mixing flour, water and food coloring. Let the child participate in the process of implementation of this mass.
Foods: The child may participate in the preparation of foods such as sweets, snacks, and then experience the taste.

The positive references, acquired with this practice are enormous. Remember that it is very important the supervision of an adult, then hands-on playing...


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your blog is super sweet!

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wow nice... I'm sure I can use this tips and help for my baby soon... thanks for sharing.. to a new mom like me it feels like i'm in the dark for information and thanks for sharing...