Dec 28, 2010

Childish and Child - Redundant?

The words, Childishness and Child, seems to be redundant, "childish" and "child" seems to sound good when used together. However, it is not because children are living the period of childhood that they need to be forever "childish children"

Childhood is a very dynamic period of human life. In childhood we begin to walk and talk until a burst of hormones at puberty. That's fantastic! The skills and the body matures during this period, and evolve as well, all at the same time. And this is where the problem starts from childishness.

Many children are educated like babies forever. The years pass, the physical changes that occur in the body, but the maturity seems to develop at a snail's pace. Often, the mother (or father) is an immature adult or child. Other times, the person who creates the child feels the need to always have your baby, whether by trauma, loss, or even fear a possible loss, and forgetting that he was a baby, but now is a child, will soon adult young. Thus, the young adult will be completely childish, immature, then need to be pampered, but today the world no longer allows it. Some refuse even to take your age, not involved with other young, but still playing with the kids, dressing and acting like a child.

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Burciko said...

I personally know some examples of this type.. Immaturity..

thekingpin68 said...

If newer parents were not brought up to be mature adults by their parents and over time more mature children, these new parents may not be able to guide their children properly.

An issue that comes to mind that prohibits a parent from building maturity in children is drug and alcohol abuse by the parent. Also a lack of time spent with the child can be a problem.

Teresa Wilkinson 1984 said...

I like this and I agree to an extent, but for arguments sake: Two children same parents therefore same parenting skills. One child is a mature adult on their own. The other child is immature depending on parents not a functional adult. Is it the parents fault? I guess my question can we all blame our adult maturity on the parenting skills of our parents?

Nice Veloso said...

As pessoas estão vivendo num mundo de faz de conta, num mundo virtual.Não entendem que crescemos, envelhecemos, adoeçemos e morremos. Essa é a lei natural da vida. Não somos nenhum super-heroi. Não somos Peter Pan, nem o Homem Aranha.

Paulo S. Angotti said...

Really do not know if this is true. Create, education is so complex and depends on many factors not believe in formulas or educate create ..

Isha Shiri said...

- Yes, of course, there are variables of intelligence and moments of the child, often imperceptible to the parents. The question is when parents force the childish permanently.

Of course parent's addictions and other bad habits have a role in the growth of future adult.

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