Dec 17, 2010

Education: Punishing the child or not?

Have you noticed that no other animal attacks with violence their offspring?

Punish or not the children is a question that always goes through the minds of parents in the hours of education. But some parents are unable to discern "educate to learn what is right "and "educate under distress"and the distress occurs when the child is replaced by minor trauma to the bad teachings of your parents.

The education starts when children are small. The goal is to teach boundaries and not simply punish, as many do not know what they are doing.

The children needs to understand the reason for the punishment and did not they are being punished for authoritarianism or irritation of adults. The young child should be reprimanded immediately after the misbehavior. For example, if the child tries to put a finger in the socket or climb dangerous place, parents should do "ugly face" to show that this attitude is not right and explain that "can not" doing it because may feel pain or get hurt.

Punishment, when necessary, should be a simple punishment, get and take the toy, prohibit from leaving the bedroom, no watching TV..., and make understand why "it not can". Whenever a punishment, say why this punishing and listen to what the children says, this will help them make understand why you say "not"

Establish goals to retrieve a toy, for example, is a good solution to reverse the penalty, giving the child the satisfaction by making the right thing and understand so what you taught.


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Holly said...

Well said. ;D

guímel said...


Que o amor cresça em nossos corações e que a paz reine em toda a humanidade.
Feliz Natal e um Ano Novo de muitas Realizações!


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Que os sinos do Natal sejam mensageiros de Boas Festas, e que o Ano Novo seja repleto de realizações. Feliz Natal e Próspero Ano Novo.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the opening statement just isn't true. There are plenty of examples of animals that not only will attack the young, but kill them if they sense a defect that the animal feels is unacceptable.
In Midrash, it states that the day will come when G-d will give animals the abilities of speaking and even reading to make it clear to humans that our abilities come from above, most notable, fertility.
We need to realize that our abilities are gifts from Above, then our children will appreciate them, as well, and there will be less need for any sort of punishments.

Heather said...

Hey Adelle, Stopping over from Bloggy Moms. I have to agree and disagree with your post all at once. I swore to myself I would never spank my children, and then God gifted me with 3 strong willed children. I believe the discipline needs to fit the crime so I don't always use spanking. I use time outs, take away toys, stern voice, chores, and much more. When I do have to spank, its NEVER out of anger. I never use my hand, instead a spoon. We discuss the reason for the discipline, then we hug and pray for forgiveness afterward. We believe in the scripture of "spare the rod, spoil the child" and it refers to discipline, boundries, and love; not just spanking like so many people think. Thanks for the post.