Mar 22, 2010

Choosing the type of playpen

Next, learn more about the playpen and learn how to choose the ideal model.

Demountable - occupies less space in time to save and can be taken anywhere;
Folding - No need to be disassembled and assembled to save every time you use it. However, although more practical, usually offers less interior room for the baby;
Inflatable - Just fill it with air to quickly assemble a space for your baby play. Ideal for locations such as beaches and campgrounds.
What the playpens have to offer
- They tend to have two settings of time: one for use as a playpen and another to use it as a cradle;
- Have side screens, which favor the ventilation and air circulation;
- Some models come with a safety device, preventing the playpen accidentally close;
- They come with travel bag for easy transportability;
- The enclosed structure generally have metal or plastic, however, the aluminum models are lighter.
There are several items to ensure the comfort and protection of your baby in the pen, especially when he is taken out of the house. Among the accessories, bags are used for objects in changing diapers, umbrella, net of protection for insects and support for mobiles.
Tips for safe fun
- The use of the enclosure is indicated since the birth of the baby until the stage where he begins to stand;
- The seams of the product should be smooth and reinforced, for rough materials affect the skin of the child;
- To mount it, make sure you are firm and stable, shake it a bit and see if the plot is not bent or broken by accident;
- The structure of the playpen should be padded to prevent the baby to get hurt;
- Make sure the fabric is firmly in the bars and the top floor of the enclosure;
- The ideal is to seek a versatile model and size suitable for both the open and to closed;
- The use of the enclosure as the cradle is suitable only for babies weighing up to 7 Kg

Playpen - Playing with confort & security

For the fun of baby 

Imagine being able to do their tasks carefree, without getting all the time eyeing to the baby? Yeah, "playpen can make all the difference in day-to-day parents. With it, the child has a room to play safely and comfortably, keep things more organized, avoiding toys from being scattered throughout the house. Portable, it can be taken anywhere and is useful in tours, trips and parties, allowing the baby to also enjoy the outdoors.

Mar 20, 2010

Mat Activities Tropical Island

The baby will want soon to sit and play, some shops offer a wide variety of toys and useful accessories for your baby.

I find this really cool carpet: Rug 360 degrees so that will captivate baby's attention and stimulate their development.

- It has 17 activities.
- Specially designed to cushion the baby's belly, developed to assist in the abdominal cramps.
- The edge of the carpet has fittings pressure to place additional toys.
- Activities mat: butterfly hide and seek with wrinkled wing for baby to touch and knead three fun toys to adapt the edge of the carpet.
- Dolphin emits sound by pressing the horn, coconut leaf wrinkled for the baby to touch and knead.
- 10 pressure fittings on the edge of the carpet to adapt additional toys.
- Flower compatibility with mirror, the music is activated by a touch of the baby.
- Activities suspended: pineapple with little face and legs to pull, monkey with arms and legs to pull, two of palm leaves ruffled the baby to touch and knead, you can move the bow.
- Arcos secure and flexible, with the largest number of rings for adding toys.
- Bows can be used in various ways (eg lateral / cross).
- Carpet padding and washable, with the outer edge with greater protection.
- Carpet closes easily inside, includes a bag which helps in cleaning or transport.
- Assists in development: the senses, motor skills, object permanence, language and communication, cognitive and emotional coefficient of the baby.

Mar 18, 2010

Toy & Diversion Ideal for Newborn

NooBoo Pound A Sound
Of course the more rewarding for the fun of baby is always touch him it with your hands, baby hear the voices of Mom and Dad approaching the your face with love and hugs the baby to breast feed.

Babies need toys to learn concepts of size, shape, sound, texture and how things work. Studies show that from birth infants are sensitive to their environment and show that at birth his sensory perceptions respond to the stimuli of smell, taste, sound, touch and vision.

In the first months of life, the visual perception of the baby is only good up close, therefore, colored objects will not even get his attention. In the second month the baby gestures and smiles as he approached a human face and watch in familiar voices.

It is only after the third month he begins to suck his thumb or fingers, play with language, play sounds. At this stage, rattles, musical toys and teethers are most appropriate.

NooBoo Pound A Sound - Creative Child Preferred Choice Award (USA)*
Perfect for the little ones to explore and discover, the Pound a Sound comes with a plush hammer that triggers sounds like drums in the forest, and also a BOING pop-up surprises!
It is made from soft material and washable.

Mar 16, 2010

Kav-Or Distance Learning

"Kav-Or" Distance Learning and virtual playground for Children in Hospital, a registered public association (NGO), first began operating in 1993 at the "Kaplan" Hospital in the city of Rehovot and at the "Sha'arei Zedek" Hospital in Jerusalem. "Kav-Or" initially operated from within the framework of educational initiatives taken by the David Yellin College of Education in Jerusalem. In 1997 the initiative became an independent registered association, with a Board of Directors of its own, and its goals were redefined. The Association center is, to this day, located at the College, which continues to provide it with great assistance.

Kav-Or operates in more than 100 schools children's wards in 27 hospitals, from Eilat in the South to Nahariya in the North. Kav-Or also treats children victims of terrorism who require medical and psychiatric treatment because of the trauma they have undergone. Kav-Or provides its services to hospitalized children from all sectors of Israel's society - veterans and immigrants, religious and secular, Jews and non-Jews – many of whom are from underprivileged backgrounds. To support its work, the Association works with many volunteers as well as with a Friends association.

Kav-Or works in collaboration with Ministry of Education schools located in hospitals as well as with additional organizations working to help the children. The program has earned the recognition of the Ministry of Education and Culture and is highly regarded.

Hospitalization involves fears and pains and children's being cut off from their familiar surroundings. In order to alleviate these difficulties, the Kav-Or organization provides hospital classrooms as well as stand-alone and portable computers and peripheral equipment, designs friendly learning environments and runs a special website for children that is also translated into Arabic and allows access to activities in additional languages. Kav-Or computers have rich and user-friendly menus to access programs, learning software and games, in various fields of  interest and adapted to various age levels. Menu content is updated to keep up with innovations in the field. The Kav-Or website is composed of two sections, one for the general public and the other, requiring a password, offers hospitalized children a variety of activities.

Take a virtual tour Kav-Or Org

Baby Toys, Gifts & Presents

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The Stacking Toy & Ball Game is an exciting 2-in-1 electronic stacker with ball game. As a stacking toy, the rings can be threaded on to the base. As a fun game, your child can drop a ball into the funnel-shaped elephant head at the top of the stack to hear entertaining sounds and see flashing lights, which makes it a fantastic baby toy. Batteries are included.

Why we love it

The Stacking Toy & Ball Game is wonderful because of its creativity, and stimulating textures. But it is more than just a great stacker for dexterity! It is also an exciting game with balls, lights and sounds-prefect for cause and effect. The silly personality of this friendly elephant will definitely make your child giggle! This toy is a fantastic baby gift

Mar 15, 2010

Hop! Website

Hop!'s website provides a safe Internet environment for children. 
Hop! Is proud to be the first full service TV channel anywhere to cater exclusively to the special needs of TV's youngest audience: children ages 1-7.
Launched more than three years ago, Hop! today is an essential part of the basic package of all of Israel's cable and DBS platforms, reaching 1.4 million homes, broadcasting daily from 5:00 am to 20:00 pm.

Hop! is a genuine oasis, where parents can be sure that their children are surrounded by a warm, protective environment with the highest quality programming. Given the increasing role of television in today's society, we are committed to the idea that the young audience watching Hop! is "growing up in good hands." That's why our shows:
- Contain absolutely no violence, whether physical, emotional, or verbal;
- Have content that is specifically suited to the cognitive and emotional abilities of young children;
- Provides positive role models for emulation;
- Offers a calm, relaxing environment, without any hyperactivity or yelling;
- Encourages active viewing;
- Empowers children by fostering a belief in their own abilities;
- Motivates children to play an active role in their communities.

Hop!'s Success among Children and Their Parents: A Statistical Overview:
Hop! has a reach of 100% of its target audience. (approx.1 million children)
Hop!'s prime time scores an 88% share of the target audience group.
In homes with children in the ages of our target audience, some 26 percent of television viewing time is spent watching Hop!.
74 percent of our audience watches Hop! every day.

Hop!'s Broadcast Schedule and Programming:
Hop! is committed to being more than just a medium of entertainment. While we are devoted to providing our young audience a meaningful and enriching viewing experience, we also stand by parents offering them a useful and friendly service. Our broadcast schedule is adjusted to the typical daily family routine; we provide parents with special tools to facilitate communication with their children, including a prearranged signal, when the time comes to turn off the television for the day. Every morning, at fifteen-minute intervals, an animated clock says goodbye to the characters on our shows, as they go off to school. There are also special songs and clips in the morning and evening to encourage children to do such routine things as brushing their teeth, taking a bath, and going to bed.

Original Programming:
Hop! produces its own shows and series which consist of a quarter of the total air time. These series striped daily have been extremely popular among children, parents, and educators. These include Dafna and Doodidoo, an original drama series, 1, 2, Hop! to get the kids moving in an active, playful environment, and A Bedtime Story For Nimi, where we treat our viewers to some of the classics of children's literature just before they go off to sleep. Hop! also produces TV specials about nature and the holidays, and themes drawn from the child's own experiences. All these are interwoven with a salient graphic style of Hop!'s on air look.

Some of the world's leading distribution houses provide us with their best programs including Thomas the Tank Engine, Pingu, Bob The Builder, Clifford, , Noddy, The Bear in the Big House, and more.
Since most of our viewers can't read yet, all of our acquisitions are dubbed into Hebrew under the careful supervision of language experts. Special emphasis is placed on the quality of dubbing and the level of language used, and care is taken that the actors use a calm and friendly tone of voice.

Hop! and the Community:
Hop! believes that children are the best instigators of social change in the community. We are therefore committed to using our popular broadcasts to motivate children to contribute to their communities and initiate change.

Off-Screen Activities:
Hop! cooperates with Israel's leading cultural and educational institutions to extend its activities beyond the small screen. The channel organizes major outdoor events and is currently developing a growing line of games, books, plush toys and other merchandise.

Hop! Learning
The first Educational Interactive Channel
With the simple use of the TV remote control, young Israeli digital cable subscribers can join Hop!'s original productions' popular characters in a range of educational games and activities.

Developed in consultation with leading educational experts and media specialists, Hop!'s interactive channel offers a unique blend of both worlds: beloved known TV characters together with original concepts and games that make the best of the latest, most advanced technology available, pioneering a new method of engaging children in active and creative learning at home. Hop! Learning, is committed to developing the potential of digital technology to impact children's development, available for digital cable subscribers in Israel on Channel 35.
For Further information about Hop! Please contact:
Hop! -The Israeli Nursery Channel
7 Harugei Malchut street
Tel-Aviv (69714)

Tel: + 972-3-6496228 ext. 114
Fax: + 972-3-6496229

For technical support and feedback: