Dec 28, 2010

Childish and Child - Redundant?

The words, Childishness and Child, seems to be redundant, "childish" and "child" seems to sound good when used together. However, it is not because children are living the period of childhood that they need to be forever "childish children"

Childhood is a very dynamic period of human life. In childhood we begin to walk and talk until a burst of hormones at puberty. That's fantastic! The skills and the body matures during this period, and evolve as well, all at the same time. And this is where the problem starts from childishness.

Many children are educated like babies forever. The years pass, the physical changes that occur in the body, but the maturity seems to develop at a snail's pace. Often, the mother (or father) is an immature adult or child. Other times, the person who creates the child feels the need to always have your baby, whether by trauma, loss, or even fear a possible loss, and forgetting that he was a baby, but now is a child, will soon adult young. Thus, the young adult will be completely childish, immature, then need to be pampered, but today the world no longer allows it. Some refuse even to take your age, not involved with other young, but still playing with the kids, dressing and acting like a child.

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Dec 17, 2010

Education: Punishing the child or not?

Have you noticed that no other animal attacks with violence their offspring?

Punish or not the children is a question that always goes through the minds of parents in the hours of education. But some parents are unable to discern "educate to learn what is right "and "educate under distress"and the distress occurs when the child is replaced by minor trauma to the bad teachings of your parents.

The education starts when children are small. The goal is to teach boundaries and not simply punish, as many do not know what they are doing.

The children needs to understand the reason for the punishment and did not they are being punished for authoritarianism or irritation of adults. The young child should be reprimanded immediately after the misbehavior. For example, if the child tries to put a finger in the socket or climb dangerous place, parents should do "ugly face" to show that this attitude is not right and explain that "can not" doing it because may feel pain or get hurt.

Punishment, when necessary, should be a simple punishment, get and take the toy, prohibit from leaving the bedroom, no watching TV..., and make understand why "it not can". Whenever a punishment, say why this punishing and listen to what the children says, this will help them make understand why you say "not"

Establish goals to retrieve a toy, for example, is a good solution to reverse the penalty, giving the child the satisfaction by making the right thing and understand so what you taught.

Dec 11, 2010

Principles of Education

Vision of Judaism
The secret of parenting is to understand the nuances of the nature of their children and educate them according to that nature.

The King Solomon says in Proverbs:
"If educate (Chanoch) the child according to his nature, when grow up will not abandon what it learned."

Although no children alike, all children should learn that stealing, for example, is wrong! The personalities and temperaments can vary, but the need to be good, compassionate and ethical is universal. A child may be shy, another creative, and another yet be impatient. All, however, need to learn what it means to be a "Mensch" - A good person.

Jewish parents are urged not only to teach children the skill needed for life, like eating with fork and knife or use the computer - but also to teach them values and ideals that will bring meaning to a life of their children.

The essence of Jewish parenthood-motherhood is teach the child engage a saluter education. The Talmud says: At so the child learns speak, the parents should teaching the Torah and Shema.

What does it mean to teach *Torah and *Shema?
So like do not let them grow to decide whether if them can learn read or write, we should not suspend the teaching of values and character until they are old enough to decide for themselves what principles require sacrifices, what principles are negotiable and which are not morally.

And this is the true spirit of Hanukkah: the soul of a Jew can never be extinguished, but depends on us, of the education we pass on to our children, how much they will shine or remain only as a spark waiting for call to increase the potential burning..., Eternally!

*Shema - Deuteronomy 6: 4 - 9, Deuteronomy 11: 13 - 21, Numbers 15: 37- 41
*Torah - Old Testament

Dec 8, 2010

Stimulation Baby Massage

- Choose a moment in which you and your child are relaxed and calm. A half hour after the baby has eaten is recommended.
- Be sure that the room temperature is warm (78 degrees Fahrenheit). Undress the baby completely, if the weather is cold or humid cover the areas of the baby's body that are not being massaged.
- Put the baby on a soft surface so your baby will feel comfortable and secure. Keep some little pillows handy.
- It is a good idea to put some cream on your hands and rub them together so they will be soft and warm.
- Basically the massage flows from the head to the toes. With soft and gentle touches you will work on the head, face, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach and legs.
- While you massage your baby look tenderly at him/her. Doing this you stimulate all the senses of the baby and establish a more intense visual and tactile communication. Feel free to speak to your baby, do not inhibit yourself.

Remember that your touches should be tender do not make mechanic motions. Try to be flexible by not keeping a rigid routine.

If the baby wants to change position let them do so. Do not force your baby to keep a position, you can go back to these areas later on.

Pressure to use:
Close your eyes and pressing your eyelids. The pressure you should use is the same as pressing your eyelids without any discomfort.
In the small areas use your fingertips. In bigger areas use the palm of your hand. "Little strokes" mean to touch your baby's skin gently and "massage" is to softly move the muscles under the skin.

The head:
Touch the forehead, temples and the base of the cranium
Eyebrows and eyelids
The area around the mouth
Ears and surrounding area
massage1.GIF (1914 bytes)
The frontal part of the neck
(Remember doing this very gently)
Make small strokes and massage the posterior part of the neck with slow movements down to the shoulders.
Softly put both hands on his/her shoulders.Caress the baby from the neck to the shoulders in the direction of his chest.
massage2.GIF (2510 bytes)
Shoulders and arms:Form a ring with your fingers and thumb around your child's arm. Begin to caress around the armpit and then go down along the arm. Be very careful when you arrive at the elbow, it is a very sensitive region. In the wrist you can gently practice turning motions using. Remember to take great care with all these motions.massage3.GIF (1848 bytes)
Massage the stomach in a circular way (the genitalia area is excluded from the massage). Caress the abdomen moving your hands clockwise beginning below the ribs.
massage5.GIF (4109 bytes)
Caress each leg with your whole hand, press gently on the thighs.  Slightly flex the legs and knees pressing the thighs gently against the body.
Heels and feet:
A foot massage is very relaxing. Begin by putting a soft pressure on each toe, then the foot and return to the toes again. Sometimes a foot massage can help reduce stomach pain. Caress gently all the toes. Apply circular movements at the heels.
massage6.GIF (2712 bytes)
Turn your baby around.
Begin with large and slow movements that include head, neck, back and legs always in one direction.
Give your baby soft strokes on the shoulders and back and massaging with your fingertips with circular movements. Do not massage the spinal cord, only put your hands over it and let the baby feel the warm sensation. You can even make small circular movements on your baby's back.
Put your hands at the top of the legs and  begin gently caressing while working your way down towards the foot.
massage7.GIF (1956 bytes)

When you arrive to the feet start again from the top.  With soft and slow movements finish the massage starting once again at the head and back to the toes.
massage8.GIF (1125 bytes)
  • Repeat these exercises when you want to have a few special moments with your baby.
  • Do them when you have adequate time for you and your child.
  • Do not feel impatient if the baby does not cooperate...simply  try again later.
Finally: There are many ways to express your love, this is ONLY ONE of them...