Jan 3, 2011

Danger! The Small Adult

(Continued from previous post)
Another situation, which is the opposite to childish child is the formation of small adults.

There is a fashion today. Have you ever stopped to notice how the clothes are made for kids today? Seem miniature adult clothes. Girls wear until makeup, high heels, rings, bracelets, imitating adult women of music world, films and others.. The boys grow up to be Superman or any adult hero, wear hat, cap and clothes, similars to rappers, sport stars, pop singers, artists of tvs and films.

The fashion for young people (boys and girls) are the mirror of adults stars, super heroes and heroines, but not always the Stars are admirable examples, when we know details of their personal lives, that besides the talent, lead a life full of cultural contradictions and errors and are definitely not good examples for children.

Moreover, children's programs on tvs are increasingly entering in aspects of the adult world, like dating or relationship between man and woman, however they are still children to understand what is a real marriage or dating and its implications.

Often these children live in an environment that has many adults and few children to relate. It's with adults that they talk, play and live, and it is with their issues and problems they are involved on early life.

One mother, for example, when she loses her husband (by divorce or death), may make your daughter or son a little adult, with whom she will share her pain, and even seek advice if can dating or marry with another man.

A parent may want to teach adult skills and experiences too early for physical and intellectual development appropriate to the child and can cause an early ripening or insecurity.

Those are just examples as an adult may be stealing their childhood when the child begins very early and enter a world which does not belong.

Raising a child and care for her is a big responsibility. It takes wisdom and balance (especially emotional) to fulfill this principle!

The parents may affect the future of a child making the eternal childish or precocious small adult.

The healthy child needs proper care and attention, but the parents should let them grow up respecting the time - Give time to the time, the nature is wise.


Mrs. E said...

Yes, I have noticed. I have a 10 year old daughter and sometimes I can't believe some of the cloths they put out for children that age.

Lynda Lehmann said...

Isha, I think we are doing a grave disservice to our children by what we allow to be presented for their clothing, and by letting them wear makeup and dye their hair at an early age. They already grow up far too fast and mimic adult behaviors with NO idea of the consequences! Manufacturers don't care, as profit is their primary motive, of course.

Wanda Rawlins said...

Yes I have also noticed and I think it's embarrassing to adults. Especially when you have in mind what you want your children to wear and not to wear. Good point thank you for sharing.

Luke @ WellJourn said...

That is a scary picture :(

satire and theology said...

'The healthy child needs proper care and attention, but the parents should let them grow up respecting the time.'

There will be plenty of time for little girls to be adults later, after 18 years of age.

satire and theology said...

Boys need to be brought into maturity by good parenting as well.

Blessings, Adelle.

Dawn and Derek said...

"Keep in your heart the innocence of children" I think that quote says it ALL!

I cant possibly wrap my train of thought around parents that turn a blind eye to the way their small children are dressing. Not even small children, our youth and teens even.

Ive seen 10, 11, 12 year old with face piercings, with their hair dyed with everything hanging out of their clothes and make up??? Even having boyfriends and their parents think its all cute???Whats this all about?

Our children are just that, children let them natural healthy pure and innocent. There is so much time for them to play adults when they have to be adults.

That post of the 2 little girls with their faces painted up is terrible simply terrible.

Jess Gatlyn said...

i really enjoy your blog. sweet

Queen R. Jenkins said...

I'm following from bloggymoms. Sooo glad you posted this! Sometimes parents don't understand WHAT they are doing to their children until someone else says something about it or their own child becomes ruined as an adult by repeating things their parents taught them as a child...it's a sad case but it seems to be the norm when you look around these days. As parents we are to protect our children not ruin or destroy them. Protecting them is loving them. The children will appreciate that when they become adults and parents themselves. Follow me at purityclothingco.blogspot.com