Jan 23, 2011

The feeding good or bad for children

Image courtesy by Zuna.com: "You are what you eat"
Food should not be a prize or a punishment. To have better physical health, The child need to eat less and the food must be rich in carbohydrates, containing one-third good fat and the rest is covered by protein. Alongside this, children may already have some physical activity daily.

The frequent errors in feeding:
The food is not a reward nor a punishment, and so little should be a relief to the tensions. The food must have its place, its time and its control.

The major responsibility for the overweight child is the parents who determine what is consumed at home or abroad. Normally, by ignorance or ignorance of parents, children consume more amount of food than they need, and their food is very rich in fats, sugars, meats, precooked foods, sweets and cakes. These are children who consume few vegetables, fruit and fish.

Many children leave home without taking breakfast (milk, fruit, bread, etc.).. In the latest research on childhood overweight, it was found that many children go to school without breakfast in the morning. The breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day, and is directly implicated in weight regulation.

Besides the errors mentioned, many parents make errors in:
- Forcing the child to eat more than you can.
- Rewarding good behavior with sweets and other high-calorie foods.
- To punish children without food for presenting some unfavorable behavior.
- Any major event celebrate giving a food "without quality".
- Allow intake sweets, cakes, fizzy drinks and sugary.
- Offering often pre-cooked dishes becouse "lack of time".
Do not forget:
"Good nutrition begins with good habits from parents and are examples for the children"


Reut said...

I really agree! As parents, we should supply a healthy food to our children not as a prize or as a punishment. And the example of healthy eating habits starting from us.

satire and theology said...

'Food should not be a prize or a punishment.'

A good philosophical statement.

Fara said...

I agree 100%. This is a great point I am follow this all the time with my kids, never force them to eat what they don't want. I only try to make the right choices in the supermarket so they have the best choices in our home. They eat healthy and the right amount for their age.
Following from Bloggy moms, great blog!