Feb 14, 2011

How can parents help children's learning

"Students who read more do better, caring little what they: The correlation is observed for the books, newspapers and magazines. Students who had parents who read to them in early childhood have better performance."

Good schools teach, but only those who can educate for life are the parents - Parents are often eager to make big efforts for the education of their children. They are right. There are few areas of a person's life that are not directly and positively influenced by education.

Many parents, however, concentrate their efforts in the wrong place - They look expensive schools, with facilities advanced and showy technologically, and clog up their children in extracurricular activities.

The researchs shows that the most important factor for children's learning is the educational level of parents - The education of parents is more important than the education of teachers (three times, to be exact) and any other variable related to education.

The good news - There isn't evidence that the methods of acceleration of cognitive development for babies, whatever they are, have any impact. Some, like the Baby Einstein line of products, for example, have recently been identified as having a negative relationship with the development of vocabulary.

The researches also have shown that there is no correlation between IQ of children in preschool with his future performance (the ratio begins to appear there by 8 or 9 years), so there is no reason to despair if your child does not 're doing mathematic calculus before leaving the diapers.

There isn't, also, positive impacts for the babies who attend daycare. There is, yes, very significant impacts and relevant to children who attend preschool.

Research also shows that what happens inside home is more important than the choice of school - Two thirds of the difference between public and private schools should not, therefore, by the factors of school, but by the factors of the students. This doesn't mean that the school does not matter, obviously. The school is very important. But within the same system, in terms of learning, the differences are less important than most realize.

The most important thing parents can do, however, is in the house incessantly -  Access to and appreciation for cultural goods, particularly books, are fundamental. The amount of books that students have at home is pointed in several studies as one of the most important variables explaining performance. Of course, not are enough books: we must read them, and live in an environment where knowledge is valued. The students who read more, they do better, caring little what they read: the correlation is observed for books, newspapers and magazines.

The students who had parents who read in early childhood have better performance - Parents involved with school life of children and encourage them to do their homework have a positive impact. But parents who do their homework with, or for his son, cause deterioration in academic performance.

Living near the school help the student - In a review of eight studies on the subject, eight showed a negative relationship between distance from home to school and student learning. Perhaps this relationship to influence another detractor of learning: absenteeism. Student who missing classes, usually learn less.

The factors that impact learning are other - Like studying, have greater motivation, more ambitious aspirations for the future, persistence and consistency are all variables that are correlated with better grades. Parents can not instill in their children all these virtues, but there is much they can do to create home environments more conducive to the emergence or strengthening of these characteristics.

Finally, two caveats - Being a good student does not mean being happy or good citizen, or have any other virtue.
The important values for children to grow and be good citizens should be instilled by their families before from schools.

Summary and translation of the article published by Gustavo Ioschpe on VEJA.com.br magazine.

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satire and theology said...

'The important values for children to grow and be good citizens should be instilled by their families before from schools.'

That is so true.

And the family should have priority over the State in developing children (that have a family)!