Feb 18, 2011

A Mother's Love

Today I read the story of a mother.

An amazing story. An example for all.

This story filled my eyes with tears.

No, I didn't cried in grief, I cried because of joy: I found a warm-hearted mother.

I don't know her personally, only read your messages.

I learned a lot watching for everything she writes about her daughter and how she finds the strength to move on.

I think it's worth, we who are parents, look for your posts and learn a little with this mother.

This is the address of her blog:
'My Life as a mother of a disabled child'

Blessings to all,


Sailor said...

Thanks for Sharing the link. I will check that out. And Thanks for the comments too.

Tracy said...

Stopping by from Bloggy moms to visit and follow :) Looking forward to your visit @ www.havingfunsaving.com
Take care, Tracy

Manny Manny Minds said...

Thanks for this literary piece.:-)

armalu said...

Desculpa a ausência, abraço e resto de semana feliz.

fazrul arhan said...

there's nothing can compared to love of mother to their children. That is a gift from God.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend!!!
I enjoy reading your blog post. i'm a nwe follower and thanks for following me.