Apr 30, 2011

You are the best toy

You're the first, the best entertaining and most artifact to learning of your baby. You have a face that changes expressions and eyes that move,you make sounds that your baby likes, you have ten fascinating fingers to grab, make signals, hold and pulls

Any play offers learning, your child's toys are tools. The best way to use the toys is to be aware of their limitations. They can improve the development, but can never replace the contact with parents.

Many of the best toys is already within in your home, are house hold items, in general daily use. One child of 1-2 year of age, for example, plays and learns from various objects found in your kitchen: measuring spoons, cups, pots or plastic basins. When the baby can walk, save some of these materials in the entertainment box or cabinet, where can reach them without your help. Do not throw away any boxes clean, including cylindrical boxes of cereal and of toys that come store, in general the baby will find the boxes more interesting than the contents.

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mas raden said...

very nice blog post. . . keep on

Deииιse Ravera ~ said...

me encanto tu blog!, sin duda te sigo, espero verte prontito por makeyourlifeadreaam.blogspot.com ♥, besitos :).

Mickey said...

True. It's very tiring being an active toy for an almost three year old, but it's well worth it.

I never actually looked at it as being a toy, which is quite a fun and fresh point of view!

thekingpin68 said...

A good point. With my nieces/nephews and family friends a 'big loving friend' means a lot to these kids.

Victoria's Voice said...

Great post! It is remarkable when you think about the things in our own homes that can become a teaching tool for young children.

Anonymous said...

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