Jul 20, 2011

Yes, there are Angels

Angel or Little Bee? Does not matter...
1. It is said there are Angels
In Heaven above
And they shine with the light
Of an inner love
2. Of these things
I had not a clue
But that was
Before I found you
3. For in you I’ve found
A love that is so right
It shines all around
With the brightest light
It comes from somewhere
4. So deep within
That it has no beginning
And knows no end
Your love is a light
That brightens each day
5. Of all of the people
You see on your way
Where ever you go
Or whatever you do
All see the love
That you have inside
That G'd sent you here
To a place where you’d be
Sharing such love
With someone like me Is proof for me
6. That angels exist
And are filled with a love
That no human could resist
I thank G'd each day
For finding the time
For looking down on me
And making you mine
7. So yes there are Angels
In heaven above
I know because Gd sent me one to love

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satire and theology said...

Now she is cute.

Canadian bear hug.:)

Organization for nature said...

great job excellent work ,
keep going on.

Ritchie said...

A beautiful poem and she is indeed a little angel heaven sent!

Gemma said...

What a beautiful poem for such a beautiful little girl!
Love the bee costume, ADORABLE.
Thanks for the message on VB :)

Take care x

Odorica Ion said...

Foarte draguta.Am postat pe http://odorica-dariaion.blogspot.com/
Va imbratisez si va sarut pe toti, Odorica

Liliana Lucki said...

Super !!!!

Beautiful ialdá.


Friendship Society said...

This is lovely and what a cutie pie. Hugs!

Linda said...

Ah, what a lovely poem and picture! You are making my morning a positive, happy time; first with your song selection on Google+, now this. Thanks!

Kathy said...

Dear Adelle!Thanks a lot!Hannah is so pretty like a little angel or fairy!I love chiltrens.God bless you and you all family!♥


Cheap Baby Favors said...

Awesome poem and cute angel.