Aug 4, 2011

12 Tips to keep the union of family; 3 & 4

3. Create moments of interaction:
It is important to create spaces that will promote an bonding. We live in the imperative of lack of time, but is necesary to worry about creating moments to live with our family members.

To circumvent this lack of time, the programs can be with set daily tasks like household activities, for exemple, which allow exchange of experiences. Domestics activities help all family members to appropriate the belongings of the home, learning together the tasks and activities that children will have to make in the future.

4. Encourage the dialogue:
This is one fundamental practices. There is no way to live together under one roof if there is no conversation or if the family members do not share their feelings and experiences of life. The dialog allows us to know what another is thinking or feeling and is the best way to resolve the disagreements.

Family members should be the best natural partners for children, parents and grandparents. Ask for grandparents to tell how their lives were and what they think of life as a whole. It is an interesting way to co-build the family history through the older protagonists. This allows to know how habits have changed and that life is full of obligations and responsibilities, no matter what social position or present situation.

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