Aug 8, 2011

12 Tips to keep the union of family; 5 & 6

You can strengthen the affective bond with small actions

5. Create moments of leisure with all
Family members serve as support in difficult times, but they can be wonderful companions for moments of distraction and fun. When the children are small it is easier: Just invite and everyone will want. However, when the children grow and become more independent, these occasions are increasingly uncommon. When the family cultivates these habits early on, generates the possibility of preserving recreational activities together in more mature stages.

6. Try to be available
No need to be a superhero: It is impossible to be available all the time and the family needs understand, especially the children. However, demonstrate willingness to talk and give attention, where possible, is essential. The parents should make it showing with words; "Share with me" - "I am your partner" or "If you need, I'm here" are phrases that help the children find a moment to talk.

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1 comment:

thekingpin68 said...

'5. Create moments of leisure with all'

Watching t.v. and DVDs is fine, but I have some friends from the US that would play board games as a family with little ones and this was good for family bonding and I think something like Wii can be good as well.

Blessings to you and family, Adelle.