Aug 11, 2011

12 Tips to keep the union of family; 7 & 8

7. Avoid the hectic and stressful routine interfere on the family contact.
It is unpleasant to find a person at home with a frown, unwilling to talk. Try to imagine that, when you go through the door of entry, the concerns of the work will stay on the outside.

The family can be a great way to distraction! In a few moments, you can also try leave the work and other commitments in the background. This attitude may indicate appreciation of family contact, such a stance as if the person is telling: You all are important to me.

8. Bet on the affectivity.
There are several ways of expressing it, worth using their creativity to adapt them to time and routine that you have.

Do not forget the physical affection. A simple hug for comfort is a very strong bond. The affection may be a way of bringing people together. From it, other feelings central to the relations established are formed, such as; respect, understanding, tolerance, among others.

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