Aug 12, 2011

12 Tips to keep the union of family; 9 & 10

Good attitude erase the past mistakes
Healthy attitudes are virtues, grow it!

9. Do not wait for the weekend.
Try to remember to tighten the bonds, always. A phone call, email, or even a message by phone to say hello, may be displays of affection that make a difference.

With greater interaction time the people will know each other better and add the other person's strengths, discovering affinities and, thereafter, strengthen the ties that can lead to the construction of more stable bonds.

10. Acknowledge your own mistakes.
Nobody is perfect in the family, including parents. Assume failuresmay require a change, since the person reflected on his action anda next similar situation, try to act differently.

This behavior flexibility generates confidence in the person to whomis related, because it gets the idea that the error may not be repeated. However, don’t apologize too much or be defensive. The key is to be action-oriented and focus on the future. How will your misstep be remedied? What will you do differently going forward?

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Gostei muito do seu blog. Parabéns!
Deixo um grande abraço e aquele fim de semana!!!

Cheap Baby Favors said...

This is best advice don't wait for weekend.