Aug 3, 2011

12 Tips to keep the union of family; 1 & 2

Grow the studies showing how family members interfere in our physical and mental health, regardless of age. A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, for example, found that elderly patients recover much faster when accompanied by relatives after the accident brain ischemic. Yet another recent study by the University of Oregon, USA, indicated that parents with relationship difficulties are more likely to have babies with sleep disorders.

Keep the bonding is an advantage, but again is not always easy. "There are families who find themselves a lot, but people are not so close because no have affinity. "We have built links with people who may not always exist in families," explains the psychologist Eliana Alves, Regional Council of Psychology of Rio de Janeiro.

Check out a few of everyday life ingredients that can enhance bonding, and increasing - in fact - the union between relatives.

There are twelve tips - I will publish two each day.

1. Respect the limits of each one.
This is one of the hardest habits, it means accepting some differences. Each parents and children develop this sense of each way, says the psychiatrist individual family has its rhythm, its way of experiencing things in life. Both Paulo Zampieri. Try respect these peculiarities, this can help resolve family conflicts in a way much easier.

2. Prioritize good humor
Try seeing family conflicts with more disposition. Many of them come for reasons small and are fed by fatigue and stress of everyday life. Facing conflict is already better than avoiding them and must be with good humor - if not in a good mood every time will be similar to a complaint or reprimand, says Paulo Zampieri.

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