Aug 24, 2011

Death in the golden cage.

Some say the cinema, the radio and television had created a new aristocracy. For some artists and musicians is a kind of heaven in the hell, where they live and die in a dizzying time, absolutely predictable. These are people who fight hard for recognition and fame and then flirt with death, self-destruct and do not knows any type of boundary: are struggling to death inside the golden cage in which success has become. It was thus with so many that could not quote them here. They were all like rare jewels and unsurpassed in talent, now it was time for Amy Jade Winehouse.

All had in common - besides the great talent - the escapism, loneliness, insecurity, fear of life, and going into addictions dangerous. Basically they did not want applause, but attention; not the fame, but caring. Their pains and conflicts were wounds deep and painful.

When I thought about Amy, remembered the words of Carl Gustav Jung, the famous psychiatrist. He said - "The top talents are the most lovely and often the most dangerous fruits of humanity, they are stuck to the branches much thin, they can fall easily.

The fact is that we achieve true success when we are successful in our relationships, not very successful if we have only money or fame in what we do.

There are several obligations that we must fulfill to be a real success:
If you are a caring friend in the next hour of need
If you is a good son, by treating their parents pleasantly.
If is spouse and do support and understanding at all times.
A parent devoted and caring.
If you are honest and law abiding...

Those who contribute to the community, not just money or art but with time and positive effort, those who develop happy relationships, they are real success stories and rewarding way in live to count and be good role models for the younger (May G-d grant it).

You can be very good at it. Or maybe not. But most important is to be good as a human being: when it comes to the human being. A failed entrepreneur can also be a great success story, and a struggling actor can be a big star.

"Teach up a child from an early age and will respect you when grow up and will be good for you in your old age."

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