Aug 17, 2011

12 Tips to keep the union of family 11 & 12

You have five minutes or an entire lifetime to be an exemple
The Family is forever, but the loops should always be well tied

11. Create moments alone with each one:

Encourage exclusives occasions between husband and wife, mother or father with a son/daughter, among other possibilities, facilitates communication and understanding among family members, promotes understanding between persons and facilitates the creation of feelings of intimacy and trust.

Besides, confidences are always different between the sexes. The conversation of a child boy with his father and vice versa are often unique.

12. Be you an example:
Your attitudes in the family context can generate admiration for yours relatives. When there is this admiration, the possibility for bonds is greater.

In relationships there is the common intention between the parties to add values and is only possible to obtain these values, usually, from someone we can have admiration,

“It is not incumbent upon you to complete the work, but neither are you at liberty to desist from it" (Avot 2:21)

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