Apr 30, 2011

You are the best toy

You're the first, the best entertaining and most artifact to learning of your baby. You have a face that changes expressions and eyes that move,you make sounds that your baby likes, you have ten fascinating fingers to grab, make signals, hold and pulls

Any play offers learning, your child's toys are tools. The best way to use the toys is to be aware of their limitations. They can improve the development, but can never replace the contact with parents.

Many of the best toys is already within in your home, are house hold items, in general daily use. One child of 1-2 year of age, for example, plays and learns from various objects found in your kitchen: measuring spoons, cups, pots or plastic basins. When the baby can walk, save some of these materials in the entertainment box or cabinet, where can reach them without your help. Do not throw away any boxes clean, including cylindrical boxes of cereal and of toys that come store, in general the baby will find the boxes more interesting than the contents.

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Apr 28, 2011

Toys do not replace the love

In effort to give the best for the children, we parents sometimes buy toys and artifacts of learning in exaggeration, but these creative and expensive colored artifacts are only useful for children if their basic needs for food, love and care are being met.

The development of skills encouraged by the toys is only part of the whole that they need. The children should developing as full human being, body, mind and spirit.

The children benefit from optimal development by amount of time we devoted to them and by our participation in relation to imaginative plays, reading and music with them. The interaction with the child is more important than material goods.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Committee For Early Childhood And Children in Preschool, the parents may be wasting money to buy educational toys with the specific intention of increasing a child's IQ or replace the dedication.

Similarly, learning toys do little to promote social behavior. Develop deep relationships with people does more to promote the social skills your child than any object that we can buy.

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Apr 7, 2011

Adoption is donation, act of love

Generate means create, conceive, produce, train, develop... Words that apply perfectly fertilization and the gestation of a new being.

To adopt you also need to generate within themselves the same desire. Adoption is an act of courage and love, without prejudice, and with full responsibility for that new person who entered in the family and will become part forever. The decision of the couple and the adaptation of family are essential so that the child be loved by all, smoothly, and that is welcome! We're talking of love, the encounter between mother, father and the son of the heart We talk about adoption.

Adoption is donation. Is love. Simple.

Is the love which moves the desire to adopt, that gives the certainty that the child needs you, that gives the patience to wait for legal decisions and promotes this meeting for life.

A professional opinion - Say or not say to the child; you was adopted.
Dr. Luiz Eduardo Py -Psychologist and Psychiatrist
"Adoption is much more to give than to receive. When we have adopted is to care for a child helpless. The motivation must be generous.
Adoption is a very nice gesture because it is a donation. And most importantly: the child must soon find out that she was adopted. Do not cease to inform it at the earliest opportunity, explaining to her what is adoption.
The environment of freedom at home, and the opportunities that arise in day-to-day, for example, can help in time to tell for the child about the adoption. Remember what he was chosen to be loved. The child did not come from the belly, but of the heart."

- The adoption, since in ancient history is reported as a grandiose act and unconditional love. Moses, for example, was adopted by Pharaoh's daughter and educated as a Prince.

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Apr 6, 2011

The Happiness Of Parents & Children.

The happiness of parents influence the children

Studies show that happy parents influence the child positively.

When babies are still in formation in the womb, children feel emotions and listen to sounds. Paused sound and calm movement, felt by the infant as signs of calm, while the contrary are received as alerts.

The same goes if developing with growth; calm and cheerful mother (and dad) are perceived by the child as good signs, making the child be cheerful and calm too.

The relationship with moms is stronger until the age of 15 years.

Nearly three quarters of the children whose mothers are happy, the children are happy in home.

The finding of the British Institute for Social and Economic Study of 40,000 households with children aged 10 to 15 years - "When the mother is unhappy, only 55 percent of children fully satisfied with family life.".

Professors from the institute found that the happiest children who are living with two parents and any younger brothers or sisters. Younger relatives are associated with a lower level of satisfaction. Having older brothers or sisters shall not affect the happiness of children.

Therefore, mom, be Happy. No matter the misfortunes of life. Nothing is perfect, frighten away the sadness. Look around and give thanks to Gd for the life. What's sad is past, make do better now, and contribute with your entity most beloved: Your child.

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