Nov 8, 2011

Always happy and rejoicing!

All rights Mauricio de Sousa
Who would say that my baby would take care of all my time?

Incredible, after my little baby started to walk, she do not stop one second - always happy and rejoicing!. Walk everywhere, looking around the house all objects that exist within, making discoveries. Along with the pathfinders rides follow questions: - What is it Mom? What does it do? Why?

I think I'll just take her to school "maternal" or pre-school when she 3 years old. Hannah already doing swimming, walks on the beach and plays with her toys in the sand and sea water, a comfort that we have right in front of our apartment. Such activities means that She is constantly along with other children.

As my husband and I speaking more than one language, we are teaching her to be a polyglot. But it is not easy for her to listen and learn two differents sounds for the same thing or object.

Talking to people skilled in the task of teaching language and, reading a lot about the studies, I discovered that she has one more year to better capture the meaning of things because since she often mixes up in one short sentence. For the 18 months of life is natural.

Now, she sits on my lap when I go to the front of my notebook, looking for with her fingers touch the keys and screen. I lets she choose the profile pictures for me on Facebook and Google recently, she chose an interesting design, it looks at the drawing and says, "you" and sometimes says, "I am!"

But she leaves me every night and goes to find her dad. It's your more enjoyable activity all nights. With her father she flies, runs, jumps over, pulling his hair, plays up against him. I feel she is happy and knows how to divide your time.

Then, I think and pray; My L-rd, our Creator, thanks for making us so happy. I want 99 percent of our happiness to distribute to other people anywhere in the world. Only one percent of all happiness in my family it would be enough for us, by His grace and mercy.

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