Mar 6, 2012

Ata BeLibi - You're in My Heart


You are in my heart
You are the child I bore from love, with love
I dreamed of raising you in a world of tranquility
I hoped to always keep a tear away from you

You are in my heart,
you are the flower that smiles in my soul,
in my soul.
You flow in my blood and in every breath
And for me you will be a chick even when you grow up

G'd, guard the light of my eyes *
Guard my children that blossom
Look over them, and guard them for me
What is my life without them
G'd, guard the light of my eyes....

You are in my heart,
you penetrate from my throat,
weaved in my songs, in adversities
My heart goes out to you in difficult times
For me you will be a chick even when you are in uniform

So much in my heart,
You will learn the hard way, to make mistakes and pay their price
The pain will be yours
If I could only fail instead of you
How will I make sure you will be happy tomorrow

G'd, guard the light of my eyes...*

Singers, Oma and Moshe Datz
Thanks to Phill Moss and Chana Shuvaly (Words translated by Phil Moss of Chicago-USA, assisted by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne-Australia).

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Rupertt Wind said...

So much love,so much care a wonderful poem, better yet a wonderful lullaby.
an ode to the child!

Fashion-isha said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on my blog. I hope the next time I come Israel we can meet!

biosanjaya said...

Thanks you very much for this information

Fashion-isha said...

Thanks so much for you sweet comment on my blog it made me feel so much better! I love this poem..beautiful!

college essay writing help said...

Firstly, I’d like to say thanks for this awesome poem you share with us. I really enjoyed while reading especially second paragraph. I want to know who inspired you that write this poem.

Isha Shiri said...

College Essay, thanks for visiting and comment.

Well, I have a baby girl and I'm temporary adoptive mother of 10 children in an orphanage in Brazil. I think they are my sons and daughters, forever. The lyrics of the song represents the feeling I have for everyone.